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What is an electroencephalogram (EEG) ? Is it safe?

The Electroencephalogram is the recording of the ongoing neuronal activity of the neurons of your brain. It is a completely NON-invasive technique. That means, it will cause no harm to you and is absolutely safe without any side effects.

A technician will place a cap with electrodes on your head. This may take a few minutes since the quality of the EEG depends on a good contact between the electrodes and your scalp. After placing the cap, the EEG can be recorded. You will be asked to close and open your eyes. DeepPsy uses EEG recordings during rest. That means, you just have to lay with closed eyes and relax.

The recordings will be stored on a computer and can now be uploaded to DeepPsy. The DeepPsy Web-App makes a quality check and applies the algorithms to the data to extract all the relevant information to determine the best fitting treatment for you.

You can get an EEG recording either at your psychiatrist (some have an EEG device in their practices) or you might get a referral to a neurologist. Most psychiatric hospitals do EEG recordings. So maybe you already have had an EEG recording in the past that might serve for an analysis with DeepPsy.

Before DeepPsy reliably can analyse your EEG and ECG data, we need to get some additional information on the patient itself and on the EEG recording. For example, it is important for us to know if there are separate channels for eye movements, if the recording was done under closed eyes condition etc. To check all this, please get in contact with us for further information and so we can adapt our algorithms to your specific setting.

These adjustments are necfessary to guarantee an as close as possible replication of the scientific computing steps for getting the best results. DeepPsy applies several preprocessing steps to clean the data and before application of the DeepPsy algorithms themself.



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